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"After using engage followers, I have been able to receive tweets from the followers of my personal, business accounts and engage with them."
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- Abishek Muthian, Creator of engage followers
Screenshot of realtime tweet word cloud profile banner by engage followers
Realtime tweet word cloud profile banner by engage followers

screenshot of a tweet classified by engage followers
A health need-gap related tweet identified by engage followers

screenshot of a tweet classified by engage followers
A product-market-fit related tweet identified by engage followers

screenshot of a tweet classified by engage followers
A problem-solving related tweet identified by engage followers


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I use engage followers?

    To develop meaningful relationship with your followers which results in greater engagements.

  • How much time do I need to spend to use engage followers every day?

    None! From sign-up to setting your favourite topics takes less than 5 minutes, Then you're all set; engage followers does its magic automatically every day.

  • How do I know that engage followers is working?

    If you have 'Auto Like' enabled you'd find the tweets liked by engage followers for you in the Likes section of Twitter and If you have 'Email Digest' enabled you will get a daily digest of tweets matching your chosen topics from your followers.

  • How do I choose my topics?

    Since engage followers uses machine learning to classify the tweets based on your topics, Choose broad ranging categories for your topics depending upon your needs. If you are using your personal Twitter account with engage followers then choose topics which interests you. If you use your business Twitter account, Then choose categories which represent your business so that when your followers tweet about the topic you can engage with them to grow your business.

  • How does the real-time tweet word cloud profile banner work?

    When you tweet about the topics you've set, Your Twitter profile banner highlights those topics automatically.

  • Why do I need to connect my Twitter profile again for setting profile banner?

    Setting profile banner on Twitter uses older official Twitter API which requires additional authentication.

  • How do I connect additional Twitter account?

    Please create another engage followers account to add additional Twitter account.

  • Is this allowed by Twitter?

    Absolutely, engage followers uses the official Twitter API and ensures that all guidelines are followed.

  • Is any private data from my Twitter Account accessed?

    No private data is accessed from your Twitter account, Only publicly available data such as your followers and their tweets are accessed and the tweets which match your chosen topics are stored for sending email and deleted after the email is sent.

  • Where can I follow the development of engage followers?

    I'm building engage followers in public, on Twitter